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Glass Repair In Hasting

If you have a window or door glass that is broken or cracked and you need to fix it immediately, Sussex Glaziers is available to repair it. We provide immediate glass repair in Hastings because we know the dangers of having a broken glass for a long time.

Whether your glass got broken due to a break-in attempt or someone threw a brick at it, call us and, we would adequately handle the repairs.

Ensure Your Glass Window And Doors Are Safe.

If your glass window or door got damaged because of a break-in attempt, we advise that you call the police to check it out before clearing the shard away. Ensure that the area is secure to avoid anyone getting injured by the pieces of glass.

Glass window replacement

Having a broken glass is dangerous and replacing it is usually stressful, but we can help you take away the stress of a glass window replacement. With our team of dedicated experts who are capable of handling all kinds of glass window replacement, your window would be safe and whole again. We also perform this replacement on commercial and residential properties.

Picture perfect and crack-free outdoor view

We ensure that all our work is done properly and your outdoor view is excellent. We have worked on different kinds of windows including

  • Casement windows
  • Tilt- and –turn windows
  • Aluminium windows

We also provide glass replacements for French doors and sliding patio doors. We make sure that the glass is cut to fit the window properly and we use glasses of very good quality for all our work.

We have a wide range of glasses, with different shades and tints to ensure that the glass fits with your existing windows and doors.

Do not hesitate to call us on 01273 025944 for all your glass repair in Hastings.