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Window Repair In Hailsham

Broken window panes, spoilt hinges and handles, jammed windows, leaking windows, and whatever your window problems might be, we will bring you a lasting solution. Our tradesmen are skilled in the window repair and replacement service, so you can trust us to deliver when you call us.

Before you go ahead to replace that window, reach out to our experts — a simple window repair in Hailsham might be all you need. Do call us today.

Our Guarantee

We are a part of top trade schemes in the window and replacement industry. This means that we can certify services and ensure that they are compliant with the current building safety rules. Our team consists of dedicated tradesmen with years of experience in this service. When you contact us, we will ensure that you receive nothing short of great quality service. Contact us right away.

Variety window repair

Whether it is a wooden frame window, Aluminium frame window, sliding windows, or UPVC window that has a fault, we are confident in our ability to fix it. We have handled several types of windows in the past, and the result is always amazing.

Our Emergency Window Repair Service

  • Finding and fixing leaks in windows.
  • Releasing jammed windows
  • Replacing broken window panes
  • Fixing broken hinges and handles
  • Condensing the inner part of double insulated windows
  • Lots more!

Our Window repair rates

We start off at €37.50 per half-hour with a minimum of an hour. We have a fixed price for all planned work and offer discounted half and full-day rates.

Why choose us?

In addition to the quality of service we provide, we are 100% transparent. We do not include hidden charges. We also have a lot of benefits like no extra charges for;

  • Cost of parking
  • Congestion
  • Fuel or travel time.

We assure you excellent delivery with us. Call us now on 01273 025944 for your window repair in Hailsham.