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Window Repair In Brighton

If you are in Brighton and your window is damaged, call Sussex Glaziers to repair it. It doesn't matter if the damage is due to draughts, leaks, problem with opening and closing, broken window panes, or issues with the lock and handle, contact us, and our expert tradesmen will fix it immediately.

We always opt for repairs before considering replacements because we are an independent company that doesn't manufacture windows and always opt-in for cost-effective alternatives.

Our Window Repair Services

Our team of expert tradesmen are well- trained and experienced in window repairs. We repair all kinds of windows such as

  • Aluminium frame sliding windows
  • Metal frame hinged windows
  • Single, double, and triple-glazed windows
  • uPVC windows
  • Wooden framed windows
  • Wooden sash windows

Our common repair tasks in the area include the following.

  • Condensing the inside of double-glazed windows
  • Finding and fixing leaks
  • Planing swollen windows that do not close properly
  • Releasing jammed windows
  • Replacing broken glass panes
  • Replacing damaged or rotten window frames and sills
  • Replacing hinges, locks, and handles
  • Replacing rubber seals and fitting draught excluders
  • Wooden sash window repair

Why choose Sussex Glaziers

  • We are affordable
  • Quick response time
  • Our services are guaranteed
  • Well trained and certified tradesmen
  • We are available round the clock

Our window repair rates

Our window repairs start from £37.50 for half an hour. We offer discounts for half and full-day work, and fixed pricing for planned work. We would not charge you for congestion, travel time, fuel or parking space.

Although, additional charges may apply for parts and materials used, collection of parts and materials, Ultra Low Emission Zone.

Sash window repairs

At Sussex Glaziers, we have a specialist who provides the following services for sash windows.

  • Fitting draught-proofing and new beading
  • Fixing rattling noises
  • Releasing jammed windows
  • Removing and replacing damaged timber
  • Replacing cracked or shattered panes
  • Replacing sash cords and balancing sashes

If you need an expert tradesman for you window repair in Brighton, call us on 01273 025944.