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3 Reasons Why Your Windows Crack or Break & How To Fix Them
3 Reasons Why Your Windows Crack or Break & How To Fix Them

3 Reasons Why Your Windows Crack or Break & How To Fix Them

13 Aug,2020

Have you ever noticed a little crack in your sunny balcony window while having a nice cup of coffee on a cosy morning? Your first expression must have been like: "What the heck!?" or "How did that even happen?" However, the more important question which a good homeowner would ask next is: "How exactly am I going to repair this?"or "Where will I get quality glass repairs in Sussex?"

It is normal to have a cracked or broken window as a result of various causes. Regardless of whatever the cause may be, it is most imperative to have the issue fixed. In fact, the sooner it is repaired, the better it is. This is because a broken or cracked window is not only an unpleasant sight to behold; it also costs you more money each day as it leaks valuable energy from your house. It is therefore important that you know some of the common causes of broken or cracked windows, as well as how to fix them.

  1. Stressed Window Cracks

A stress glass crack is a crack that manifests slowly in insulated glasses, towards the edge of the window. In most cases, it continually extends across the whole glass. Usually, the most common cause of gradual thermal stress cracks is extreme fluctuations in temperature. For instance, you may have a thermal window crack when you drastically increase the heating of your room to stay warm on a cold day.

It is also vice versa for the temperature outside too. Your window can crack when the temperature outside suddenly decreases. This situation can be likened to the crackling reaction of ice cubes when dropped in warm liquid, or the cracking of a hot dish when it is filled with cold water. Another cause of stress cracks is slamming your windows. This is why you need to be gentle when closing them.

  1. Impact Breaks

The name tells it all. An impact break occurs when a solid or hard object hits your window with significant force. For instance, a golf or baseball swing gone wrong, rock propelled by some naughty kids, or a soccer ball gone astray. Most often, impact breaks are easy to identify because of their typical starburst "design" as a result of the outward radiation from the impact point.

Asides from the fact that impact breaks are a very ugly eyesore, they also pose a threat of injury. This is why it is important that you call the professionals to fix the situation as soon as possible. You may clean any scattered pieces of glass on the floor, but please do not try to fix the rest of the broken glass yourself.

  1. Pressure Cracks

These are relatively uncommon, and they usually seem to appear out of the blues. Pressure cracks are usually observed in double-paned windows or insulated glass. They occur as a result of intense pressure system variations in the climate or because a window has been installed at a very high or very low level of elevation. Usually, pressure cracks tend to lead to the complete replacement of the window.

How can I Repair My Cracked or Broken Window?

Depending on the degree of crack or breaking, you may need to temporarily fix the glass or completely replace it in certain situations. We recommend that you hire a qualified professional to handle your emergency glass repair service so that the same issues don't spring up all over again. It's okay to be worried about the cost, but also consider that it's even more expensive in terms of energy bills. These cracks will create a passage for air to enter and leave as much as it pleases.

You should not overlook that "small crack". It will only get bigger and uglier over time. Why then do you have to wait till the situation gets worse and more lethargic? Hurry now and give the professionals a call today on 01273 025944! We look forward to helping you save your window!