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4 Myths about Do It Yourself Window Glass Repair
4 Myths about Do It Yourself Window Glass Repair

4 Myths about Do It Yourself Window Glass Repair

06 Jul,2021

Do you have a broken or glass window pane? If yes, then this can be a severe threat for your house. It will leave your home or office highly vulnerable to thieves. This blog discusses about 4 myths about DIY window glass repairs in Sussex in your home.

Nail polish window glass repair

You can fix small window holes by using nail polish. It is suggested that you apply some layers of nail polish till you are able to fill up those holes. Though this can make the hole almost invisible, it is not the right structural fix for the window glass. Besides, nail polish is not structurally powerful like resin that can be used for repairing the windows. Due to this reason, the small hole might crack and lead to bigger problem including damaged window pane and so, the entire window might have to be replaced.

Remove broken glass with towel method

You will find lots of advice on removing broken glass pane from the window. Some people may recommend you to use protective eye wear at the time of performing the work. But most procedures suggested seen to be dangerous when not done by a professional. One option is to put a towel on the broken window and take a hammer for breaking the pieces. Though this can help in shattering the glass, it will leave small pieces of glass. This might be really difficult to remove from the towel and end up mingling with other items which can be risky for your health.

Repair wooden frames with Epoxy or caulk

Sometimes, it might happen that the problem you face is not with the broken glass but window frame. Mostly, the windows of the house are made of wood and when they are exposed to different elements, wood might expand when not properly maintained. It is quite easy to fix such problems at home as wooden frames can easily be repaired with caulk or Epoxy. This is the most inexpensive option of handling broken or damaged windows as the gaps can be filled with Epoxy or caulk. But this is not a suitable solution in case the wood is extremely rotten ir splintered.

Health risks with Epoxy

Epoxy gives out toxic fumes that can overcome quickly when you apply epoxy or wait for it to dry completely. When you try to inhale epoxy fumes for some time, they may be risky for your health. Early signs of epoxy fume might lead to vomiting, nausea and drowsiness. Longer exposure may be the reason for lungs inflammation and asthmatic attacks causing death. Though do it yourself repair for wooden frames can save you from making cheap replacements, hiring a professional means he will replace the windows so that they may last longer for your home.

Window glass repair kits

There are DIY kits available for repairing wooden window frames. These kits provide all necessary tools for repairing cracks and chips without a professional. But when the kits are used by inexperienced people, they can make the cracks or broken glass worse thus, causing you injury. The bridges needed for fixing the glass require large force to set them in proper place. When you don’t know how to exert the force properly, this can cause glass breakage and injury.

Thus, get in touch with us at Sussex Glaziers where the glazing experts will help in repairing and replacing broken glass window for your convenience.