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Can Blown Double Glazed be Repaired?
Can Blown Double Glazed be Repaired?

Can Blown Double Glazed be Repaired?

23 Apr,2024

Double glazing is popular among homeowners because of its superior sound-insulating qualities and energy efficiency. However, issues like blown seals or moisture between the glass panes can arise with double-glazing units over time. 

Here is our blog on blown double-glazed units! You've come to the right place if you see a foggy or misted unit. Sussex Glaziers is an expert in offering double-glazing repair in Sussex, assisting you in restoring your units' clarity and functionality. 

This blog will discuss how we can repair the blown double-glazed. Now, let's get started!

Why do Double-Glazed Units Get Misted? 

Double glazing is popular among homeowners because of its superior sound-insulating qualities and energy efficiency. However, issues like blown seals or moisture between the glass panes can arise with double-glazing units over time. Double-glazed units consist of two glass panes spaced apart by an air- or gas-filled spacer bar.

Over time, damage to the seal between the panes may occur, enabling moisture to leak into the gap between them. This moisture condensing on the inside of the glass may cause the unit to mist up. Most of the time, you can fix the misted double-glazed units without replacing the entire unit. 

The most popular technique for fixing a mistreated unit is to swap out the glass while keeping the current frame. However, we advise hiring a professional to repair double-glazing condensation if you see mistreated units. This will lower the chance of getting hurt or breaking units in your house.

Problems with Units with Two Glazes

The following are the most typical problems with double glazing and how to fix them. Double-glazed units are revolutionary for reducing energy costs and maintaining a cosy home. But like anything worthwhile, they occasionally encounter specific difficulties. Here's a direct look at the suspects and their implications for you.

Swelling between the Panes

Have you ever observed fogging between the two glass panes in your units? Condensation is that. It enters covertly when the adhesive that holds the panes together crumbles, permitting moisture to enter. In addition to being a touch ugly, it indicates that your units aren't keeping the cold out as effectively as they could, reducing your house's cosy feeling. 

Water Leaking

Water leaking on your sill indicates disaster. This occurs when rainfall leaks through your unit’s outside seals because they aren't doing their work well enough. This can eventually harm your unitsills, promote mould growth, and even impact the nearby walls. It becomes problematic to keep items dry and damage-free.

Breakages in the Glass

Anything from a thrown football to a bird’s flight path might cause a crack. In addition to the immediate security danger, allowing cracks might result in more severe breaches. Replace the glass in any unit that has damage or cracks. 

Whether your frames are made of metal, wood, or uPVC is irrelevant. Most door and window frames are made to allow for glass replacement. If the frames you currently own are in good shape, you should maintain them.

Poor Seals 

Your unit's seals perform a fantastic job of keeping heat in and cold out. When they begin to fail, you may notice draughty rooms or your heating system working nonstop. This lowers the comfort level in your house and may result in rising energy costs. 

Issues with the Frame

Do your frames have rot, discolouration, warping, or breakage? If you see damaged frames, you must replace both the glazing and frames. Removing the glazing in one piece is challenging.

Although they look lovely, wooden frames eventually decay and deform, exceptionally if poorly maintained. While uPVC frames may not decay, they may warp or lose colour. These frame problems compromise the aesthetics of your house and make it difficult to open and close units, which allows moisture and breezes to enter.

What Can You Repair? 

Any moisture or water in your double glazing is caused by the seal breakdown that holds the glass panes together. Most seals will decay after 10 to 20 years, and the manufacturer's warranty should last five to ten years.

You can repair the Double glazing using various techniques. Usually, one of the glass panes has one or two holes. After that, a unique drying chemical is pumped into the unit to remove moisture and dry the air. 

At this point, you can clean the unit's interior to remove ugly stains, and moisture buildup in the future can be avoided by using an anti-fogging solution. The unit must be entirely resealed by injecting a sealant along its base to prevent moisture from seeping through. 

After two to five years, the paint on wood or composite window and door frames may begin to peel. Repainting your frames is essential to keeping the wood safe and preventing rot. During this time, a fresh coat of paint can shield your units from rot and warranty voidance, prolonging their lifespan. In a similar layer, windows and door knobs will eventually deteriorate. 

Fortunately, if the frame is in good enough shape, it is easily replaceable. You can repair the Frames to ensure smooth operation and prolong the life of your units without requiring a thorough service.

Repair Your Blown Double Glazing to Run Smoothly

Maintaining the optimal state of your double-glazed unit is essential to keeping your house warm, comfortable, and energy-efficient throughout the year. Making repairs as soon as possible will reduce your energy costs and maintain the cosiness of your home. We would love to hear from you if you've had any problems with your double-glazed windows or doors. 

Expert assistance is available! Please call on this number 01273 025944, or you can mail us to for double glazing repair in Sussex. Keep broken units from reducing your house's efficiency and comfort. Speak with us right now for familiar guidance and answers!