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Everything You Need To Know About Emergency Board Up Services
Everything You Need To Know About Emergency Board Up Services

Everything You Need To Know About Emergency Board Up Services

19 May,2021

Every homeowner needs to be prepared for the worst in case a severe storm such as a hurricane in the area. In order to be ready for these destructive weather conditions, it is imperative for a lot of homeowners to decide to board up their doors and windows. Emergency boarding up service in Sussex is useful because it protects the windows and glass doors from flying debris and high winds. Once the storm passes, homeowners can always bring down the boards and get back to their normal life.

In some cases, the emergency strikes very unexpectedly or before the homeowner decides to consider pre-storm board up services. In such situations, the result could be a cracked or broken glass and your home vulnerable to the elements, after the sky begins to clear.

Hence, this is the best time to book your emergency board up services. It will help you to restore balance to your home once again. Call us today!

What Exactly Does A Board Up Service Entail?

At Sussex Glaziers, we are available 365 days to help you with your home glass repairs, as well as emergency board up services. When you reach out to book our services, we arrive at your house in no time with plywood and every other standard replacement materials that will be used to board up your windows. Regardless of the degree of damage, we are 100% equipped to fix your windows and doors on the spot.

In the possible scenario where the damage is great, we will have to board up the area until a new window replacement is purchased. Our services also entail cleaning up the affected areas around the shattered glass to ensure that your family members are uninjured by littered shards of glass on the floor.

Our professionals will provide emergency board up and window fixing and replacement in line with the best practices of the industry. Primarily, we aim to finish the first stage of your recovery after such a natural disaster as a hurricane.

What are the Advantages of Post-storm Emergency Board Up Services?

Usually, most people like to book an emergency board up service after the storm has passed away. This is because disastrous situations tend to strike very unexpectedly. Although the damage would have been done to your windows already, it is still necessary to schedule a post-storm emergency board up service. Below are 3 reasons why you should:

  1. Reduce the threat of liability:

For the safety of your children, family members, friends and neighbours, it is necessary to board up any broken windows after a disastrous event. Your loved ones are at the risk of injury when entering into an "unstable environment".

  1. It increases insurance eligibility:

Do you know that a plethora of home insurance policies require that you board up your damage windows for your claim to be acknowledged? Providing proof that you boarded up your windows immediately after a storm helps to increase your chance of full coverage.

  1. Keep invaders out:

Of course, a broken window is an invitation to thieves. Until you have replaced the broken windows, it is important to board up your windows as a security measure.

Emergency Glass Repair and Board Up Services

The essence of requesting an emergency board up service is to protect your home for the time being. This does not rule out the fact that the sooner you find a solution to your broken windows, the better it is. This is why Sussex Glaziers offers these services in a single package. When we visit your home for the board up service, we can also place an order for the replacement windows too. By doing this, we will reduce your recovery phase so that you can quickly resume life as it was before the disaster.

Our professional workers are just one call away! Why don't you pick up the phone and give us a call right away? We can't wait to provide you with top quality glass repair service and emergency board up services in Sussex. Call 01273 025944 now!