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Do Double-Glazing Repairs Value Your Place?
Do Double-Glazing Repairs Value Your Place?

Do Double-Glazing Repairs Value Your Place?

12 Mar,2024

Repairing double glazing can be simple. Although double-glazed units should survive for decades after being installed, like every other structural component in the home, double-glazed windows and doors may show issues. Double glazing repair can increase the value of your home if you are currently renovating your place.

Minor installation errors may cause problems within ten years. Poor installation, damaged components, and insufficient operation are dangerous side effects that necessitate double-glazing repairs immediately. This blog will show how double-glazing repairs value your home or commercial place.

Benefits of Repairing Double Glazing

When deciding whether or not to replace your double-glazed windows and doors, it is essential to keep your expectations realistic. Replacing your double glazing could bring many benefits. Let’s look at some of these benefits so you can make an informed decision.

Maximise Energy Efficiency

Double glazing exposure to extreme heat, direct sunlight, or ultraviolet radiation may warp and discolour. Long-term exposure to UV radiation can cause the glass to turn yellow or brown, and warping can develop holes in the sealant and frame. These problems not only make your windows less thermally efficient but also make them seem ugly.

If you observe any decline in the quality, security, energy efficiency, or aesthetics of your double glazing, it could be time to get it repaired. Although double-glazing installations are meant to last many years, repairs may eventually be necessary. Depending on the amount of damage, a professional assessment can quickly evaluate to repair the double glazing for your house.

Aesthetic Enhancements

The primary advantage of repairing double-glazed units is improving their appearance. A quality repair service will make your home look better overall and return your units to their original appearance and functionality. This is ideal for homeowners who want to make a bold statement in the area or who want to increase the market value of their house. Double glazing repair may be the ideal answer if you have noticed that your frames are looking worn out.

Examining the unit frames is crucial. If your units are made of wood, look for indications of decay, warping, or cracking. Examine current frame types for any frame gaps or broken inside double-glazing seals.

It is crucial to check the hardware on your windows and doors to ensure they lock and open securely. Do they feel gummy, creaky, or unstable? These problems can point to the necessity for frame repairs, which can significantly raise your home's value.

Cost Reduction

Fixing a double-glazed unit is a great way to save money. It is better than replacing it. Repaired double-glazed units can help you save up to 10% on costs and maintain warmth throughout the winter.

Like most energy-saving measures, it is advisable to contact a trained professional for high-quality and energy-efficient repair. With the help of a qualified repair service, you can enjoy the comfort of home and increase energy efficiency without spending lots of money on new units.

Noise Reduction

It is well known that noise pollution negatively impacts human health, particularly mental health. The negative consequences of noise pollution include elevated blood pressure, insomnia, and hearing impairments. In large cities, it is inevitable.

During the day, you may hear automobiles honking and traffic outside your house. Nights go by with neighbours singing or aeroplanes soaring overhead. Additionally, construction is happening nearby, which annoys us day and night. Double-glazed units with an 8.76mm thickness and a 14mm argon gas air gap are excellent noise-cancelling solutions, whereas single-glazed windows with a 3mm thickness are less effective than double-glazing window.


Do you constantly argue about curtains to maintain your privacy? Would you like to allow more light without drawing attention to yourself when you open your curtains? Double-glazed windows might be the ideal remedy.

Double-glazed windows can be the ideal option to keep your privacy without using blinds or curtains or obstructing your interior view. Your privacy does not need to be protected by extra effort when you have a reflective coating.

Reduce UV Damage

You must be wrong if you think the UV radiation only harms human skin. Our homes might also sustain damage from the sun. One of the leading causes of damage to our houses is thought to be sun rays.

These rays can tarnish flooring and wooden furniture. They can also damage your artwork, and the colours will quickly fade. Double-glazing your units can lessen UV damage, and you can easily apply anti-UV film and formula to keep UV rays out of your house.

Increase Property value

Your property's value may rise if you make improvements or purchase valuable items. Investing in double glazing repair for your windows and doors is among them. Your house will become more energy-efficient, naturally raising its worth. These will increase property value.


Double-glazed windows and doors come with a wide range of customisable options. Although aluminium frames are less expensive, timber and uPVC frames are also appropriate options. Additionally, you might have casement windows, double-hung windows, fixed windows, and tilt-and-turn windows. Finally, various hues and designs are available to match the decor of your house.

Final Thoughts

Repairing your double glazing can offer several benefits over a complete replacement. Repairing your existing unit can be an environment-friendly and cost-effective option. Routine maintenance may increase the lifespan of your double-glazing windows and doors.

When necessary, rely on Sussex Glaziers for repair services. When repairing the double-glazing windows and doors, we want to help our customers make an informed decision. This blog will help you decide whether it is worth repairing your old double glazing. If you are unsure, you can call us on 08000197715 and also can mail us on to get free quotes, and one of our glazing experts will be more than happy to discuss your needs.