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How Double Glazing Windows can Make your Home more Secure
How Double Glazing Windows can Make your Home more Secure

How Double Glazing Windows can Make your Home more Secure

21 Dec,2020

There are several ways how you can improve the overall security of your house. The main point is to ensure the strength and durability of your windows and doors. Statistics show that in case of burglary, the intruders enter your house almost 70% through the doors and nearly 30% from the windows. So, double glazing is considered to be the priority for ground floor windows. If you are looking for double glazing repair in Sussex, contact experienced glaziers who can help to get the work done successfully.

The need to replace single glazing and old double glazing

If single glazed windows are installed on the ground floor, then this will leave your house vulnerable to intruders. Though older double glazing options seem to be more secure than single glazed windows, they are not durable like modern kinds of double and triple glazing.

Single glass pane windows are a good option for the burglars as they can smash the glass without much hassle. Thus, the intruders are known to remove window putty and take out glass panes easily.

Regretfully, even if the windows are locked, it is not much difficult to splinter wooden frames and get rid of the entire windows.

Strength and durability with modern double glazing

Double glazing windows are much thicker and the insulated glass units will adjust into the windows so they cannot be removed. In simple words, a uPVC window is generally secured properly into the surrounding of the house and then locked into the frame through multipoint locking.

The window panes are much tougher and an intruder will need to perform a difficult task to smash through two or three layers of glass panes.

Choose laminated and toughened glass

Both laminated and toughened glass is a good option when you need to have extra protection in your house.

Toughened glass is highly resilient to force and extremely durable which seems to be five times stronger than ordinary glass. It is robust, can stand increased levels of shock and can be breached through force.

Laminated glass posses the same strength like regular glass but provides additional protection by adding a sheet of durable plastic between the two glass panes. This makes it quite difficult to create a hole in the windows. In case the glass breaks, the plastic layer holds all the smashed shards together. Due to this reason, it can restrict an intruder from gaining entry through the broken windows.

Window locks and restrictors add more security

Different kinds of bolts and locks are used to increase further security in your house.

For example, multi-point locks usually bolt window in the frame by securing it at several points. Push-button handles, on the other hand, are used with a latch mechanism that can lock the windows when pushed. You may opt for the keys that have push-button handles for better protection.

Another security feature of these modern double-glazed windows is hinge restrictors. These will speak about how wide the windows should be open by stopping intruders from being able to enter through an open window.

Do you want to protect your house with double glazing windows? Well, there are several ways to improve overall security of your house but installing double glazing option is the most effective step to take and stay secured. Thus, the glaziers in Sussex will help in the installation process of double glazing windows so that the burglars cannot attack your house in future.