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How To Increase The Efficiency Of Your Double Glazing
How To Increase The Efficiency Of Your Double Glazing

How To Increase The Efficiency Of Your Double Glazing

28 Sep,2020

One way to curb the harsh effects of the summer sun in your building is by installing functional double glazing in your building. If yours is damaged, it is best to repair it by contacting a glazing company that provides double glazing repair in Sussex before the summer. By getting functional double glazing, you can prevent the radiation from the scorching sun from permeating through your windows into your building, which can increase your heating bills significantly.

When it comes to deciding the most suitable glazing for your building, homeowners need to be very careful. If you go for cheaper options just to cut cost, you might end up spending double, as low-quality glazing are not very durable. If you are looking at getting the full benefits of double glazing, then you should purchase recent types of double glazing as this has high energy efficiency produced from the most recent thermal comfort technology.

Options to consider when repairing a double glazing

If you already have existing double glazing which has suffered damage, and you would like to repair it, then here are some options you can take;

  • Instead of replacing the entire window, replace just the glass.
  • You can attach a heat shrink film to the glass
  • Installing secondary glazing can be quite helpful
  • You can also choose to replace the full unit if this is convenient.

There are several ways with which you can increase the efficiency of double glazing. For instance, attaching a heat shrink film is affordable and can be very helpful, although the cleaning task that comes with this method is quite hectic.

The thickness of the glass

The misconception that thinner glasses are not as thermally effective as thicker glasses, or laminated glasses have a better performance, should be abolished. With the advancement of technology, the thickness of the glass has become less relevant in gauging the thermal capacity or general performance of the glass.

Each double glazing has its unique manufacturing method. The space between the two glass surfaces will largely determine the performance of your window. There should be enough space for double glazing to be effective. If the glass cannot fit into the existing window repair, then the window will certainly have limited performance. The most certain way to check to see that your chosen double glazing is the most suitable choice for your window is to assess its performance. If you get a competent glazing company that performs quality glass repairs in Sussex, then the glazing experts can help you make the best decision for your building.

Choosing the right company

With the number of double glazing companies around Sussex, it sometimes becomes a difficult task to find a competent glazing company. However, you must ensure that your chosen company is experienced enough and has a standing reputation in your vicinity.  Experienced glaziers usually have verified solutions to all glazing problems.

We have some of the most competent glaziers in Sussex. Years of experience in the glazing world has exposed us to several glazing issues which we have been able to solve. When you hire us, you can rest assured that our competence will not waver. We use only the best quality of materials, and we have very competitive rates. When you need us, you only need to contact us by calling 01273025944, and we will show up and get the job done. You can rely on our decisions, as they are always in the best interest of our clients.

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