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How You can Fix and Repair Window Glass Cracks in Sussex
How You can Fix and Repair Window Glass Cracks in Sussex

How You can Fix and Repair Window Glass Cracks in Sussex

21 Oct,2020

Ever noticed how the glass door suffered from some crack while you were trying to open it? Since glass is said to be a fragile material, it may get cracked due to several reasons. But the severity of the damage and how it might crack actually depends on the kind of glass you have chosen. Sometimes, you might have to do glass repair works but if the crack gets spread, then you will have to contact a reputed company who offer glass repair in Sussex for performing necessary works.

You will find three main kinds of glass cracks and knowing about them might help to address the concern in a better way. Some cracks might be impulsive, while others seem to be accidental. Let us take a deeper look into the four types of cracks that have been discussed below:

  • Impact cracks – These usually happen due to heavy impact from other objects that can cause cracks on a window glass upon the impact from rock or ball. The pattern how window glass breaks will depend on various factors such as the size and thickness of glass as well as the speed and mass of object. If the glass breaks suddenly, it will require extra expenses and more effort to repair it. The window cracks and broken glass might hurt anyone who gets into close contact with them. It is advised that you hire a professional glass repair and replacement company who will cover for broken window parts by using a duct tape and then remove the entire glass carefully. After this, they take necessary precautions to check there is maximum safety and replace the glass appropriately.
  • Stress cracks – Stress cracks usually take place when glass gives way to ease the stress. This happens when there is some fault in the glass design. Annealed glass and heat-strengthened glass are the ones that ma suffer from such damage. You will find some cracks that spread out from the window edges which are stress cracks. They generally start near the edge and then spread out slowly. Mostly, you will find sudden increase or decrease in the temperature on the glass surface that can lead to cracks. This crack can be repaired in case it does not spread to several inches. If that occurs, then you will need to replace the entire glass.
  • Pressure cracks – These have a curvy shape that is only one line with a web of small cracks surrounding it. They are the most uncommon of their kind and generally take place in double-paned windows or insulated glass. Quite similar to stress cracks, they may take place due to sudden changes in temperature or if the window glass has not been installed properly. Pressure cracks can hardly be repaired and thus, you will have to replace the entire window.
  • Spontaneous cracks – These cracks are commonly found in tempered glass and shower doors where the glass has been exposed to constant heat and has been banged repeatedly. Due to constant impact, the glass might sometimes break without any sign or indication.

How you can deal with the cracks

The crack might not get worse immediately but in case you do not address the issue soon, it will spread soon. Cracked glass is really dangerous that can hurt badly when it breaks near someone. Read on to know how you can deal with glass cracks.

  • Use masking tape – In case you want to wait for sometime before hiring a glass expert, make sure you seek their valuable advice. It is extremely important to cover cracked glass part with a masking tape from both the sides as this can slow down the cracks from spreading further.
  • Uses upper glue – You may use super glue for the cracks to give them a temporary fixture. Applying glue means it will be visible and would take away the appeal of windows. But when you want to move ahead with it, try to clean it by using acetone or nail polish remover.

Safety measures for your broken glass

Since broken glasses may hurt anyone who comes in contact with it, there are safety concerns that you should follow. For example, a crack that has not been attended on time might cause complete breakage due to harsh environmental conditions which would make the problem worse. Also, broken glass provides a suitable opportunity for the thieves and burglars to enjoy benefit with small opening in the windows. Repairing a window crack is much more cost-effective than getting the entire window replaced. In case you do not address the damage immediately, there are higher chances that you will have to make huge expenses on your window replacement.

It is advised that you search for a reputed glass repair and replacement company where the professionals will fix the problems and also address further concerns. Having these specialists who offer the services of emergency glazing in Sussex means they will inspect the glass thoroughly and would suggest you to take necessary course of action without delay.