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When Do You Need Emergency Glass Repair Service
When Do You Need Emergency Glass Repair Service

When Do You Need Emergency Glass Repair Service

13 Aug,2020

Glass damages on doors and windows seem to occur at the least expected times. Due to the functionality of doors and windows in a building, it is always best to fix damages as fast as possible in order to curb further possible dangers. It is, therefore, pertinent for each household to have an emergency glazing company that is reliable. A reliable company understands the need for speed in glass repair situations, and would always act accordingly. If you need a glazing company in Sussex that you can rely on 24/7, contact our glaziers.

Situations that require emergency response

Some glass repair situations that require immediate response include;

  • Winter accidents

At any other time of the year, an accidental break in the window glass can be ignored for an hour or two, but certainly not in the cold season. Delaying that emergency call during winter will not only expose you to the risk of cuts, but also the very unfriendly temperature. This is when the heaters should be on the highest temperatures, windows closed, and fireplaces should be blazing hot. A window break will definitely be felt and requires an emergency response.

When you contact a glazing company, the team will first board up the window tightly, and then return at a more convenient time to replace the glass or repair it, as the case requires.

  • The Office/ Business building

For some people, the office is like a second home. This means that it requires not only total tidiness and conduciveness but safety. The office contains a lot of crucial documents, files, and sometimes valuable materials. The last thing you want is an office break-in, as this can destabilise the entire workflow. Also, as a business owner, part of your responsibility is to ensure the safety of the workers and guests in your business place. A carelessly ignored broken glass does not say much about safety.

When your office window glass suffers damage, ensure that you get immediate remedy.

  • Summer accidents

Some damages in windows and doors hinder their smooth opening and closing. If there is one thing you do not want to be stuck with, it is the inability to open your windows during the summer. Not every building has an air conditioner installed in it, and even in buildings that are fully equipped for the summer, what use is an air conditioner in a room that is not totally sealed. The opening will allow the escape of cool air and the infiltration of the unwanted hot air.

  • The presence of kids

Of course, the presence of kids changes a lot of things in a home, including doubling the safety measures. On no account should a broken glass on a window or door be left unattended to in a home with kids in it. Kids are very inquisitive, and can easily get themselves cut, step on shards of glass, poke their necks through holes, or even fall off holes wide enough. Once such accidents happen, get an emergency repair service.

What to do after an emergency glass damage

  1. Study the situation: Questions like; how bad is it? What led to it? And other related questions should be answered.

  2. Take photos: this is to support your insurance claim.

  3. Get rid of shards and pieces: Conduct a thorough sweep of the vicinity and get rid of any particle that may cause harm.

  4. Inform others to stay away: You can put up a danger tag or inform people at home, especially kids, to avoid that scene.

  5. Call the right people: If it was a burglary situation, then you need to inform the police ASAP.

Finally, contact our emergency glaziers in Sussex. We understand the need for safety in this situation and have trained our staff for a fast response. The moment you reach us by calling us on 01273025944, we will be there to keep you safe.